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Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are being used in an increasing number of research and development processes. The high flexibility of these technologies makes them a valuable and versatile tool in the field of rapid prototyping and thus allows user-centered design aspects to be integrated into the development process at an early stage. We use Unity to bring your products to life for your potential users from the very first design concepts. Usability weaknesses can thus be identified and eliminated proactively. We draw on many years of experience in the creation of virtual content for both VR and AR applications. Depending on your needs and research projects, different display technologies can be used. Simple AR and VR applications can be realized on standard smartphones. The use of AR and VR glasses provides additional interaction possibilities.

Usability Engineering

Hard- und Software

Initial user flows and basic dialog design are generally done with pen and paper. This applies to sophisticated digital user interfaces as well as realistic hardware prototypes.

Further implementation then takes place with the close involvement of users. This often happens after initial user tests or feedback sessions with the developed paper prototypes. In the further course of development, we use a wide range of tools that are selected according to the requirements of the specific task. In the past, for example, we developed a novel control concept for cranes, initially in virtual reality and later also as a functional hardware prototype.

image of a frontend design

Frontend Development

Adobe Suite, Figma, CSS

In addition to scientific expertise, we offer hands-on implementations, not only for study implementation, but also for production environments.

Especially in the areas of UI/UX design, our years of experience with the design of interactive human-machine interfaces come into play, so that we can develop a front-end without lengthy studies and large sample sizes.

Backend Development

JS, Firebase, MongoDB

Consulting on, as well as conception and implementation of suitable architectures in the background of various (web) applications is also part of our program.

Using the latest web-based technologies, we ensure that all data goes where it belongs - and nowhere else. Through relational databases and server-side and client-side programming, we can ensure seamless user interaction, and with it, a consistently positive user experience. After all, even the best UX fails because of lost packets, excessive load times, or insufficient data storage.

Open Science

We support Open Science and can show you how your research project can benefit from it.


In a digital world, gaining knowledge is not limited to laboratory experiments. We would be pleased to work with you to implement an online research project.

sample statistics

Responsible research


In the field of human factor engineering, the human being is the focus and thus a central part of experiments. We ensure experiments according to ethical guidelines and provide support in obtaining approval from an ethics committee.

Data Analysis

Python and R

We have a wide range of statistical methods at our disposal for the evaluation of quantitative data. In addition to descriptive methods, depending on the research question and data, we apply null hypothesis tests (significance tests and mixed linear models) or Bayesian evaluation techniques.

Ideally, the evaluation methods are already defined before the data collection. This allows you to get an up-to-date picture of your experiment at any time. Following an experiment, we extend the evaluation with further, explorative approaches.